Lunch menu

Delicious lunch at the exclusive French Restaurant

  • Monday

    • French soup
    • Turkey breasts stuffed with chorizo sausage and brie cheese, spinach rice
    • Pancakes with apricot jam




  • Tuesday

    • Beef broth with liver gnocchi
    • Strogans of calf thighs, potato pulp, lettuce with homemade dressing
    • Ice lolly cake
  • Wednesday

    • LA Grande bouffe / BIG BEANO
    • Every Wednesday, our chef Roman Martinkovič serves up a delectable lunch with a buffet of salads and desserts.
    • Sour champignon soup with potatoes
    • Grilled mixed specialties, roasted potatoes
    • Spanish paella with crayfish
    • Buffet offer of desserts and salads
  • Thursday

    • Asparagus cream soup
    • Confit leg of rabbit with cream sauce and root vegetables
    • Ice-cream cup with fruit



  • Friday

    • Minestrone
    • Grilled salmon with lettuce, asparagus, strawberry and orange dressing
    • Coconut cake


Haven't chosen yet? Try the seasonal offer or a fit lunch

Fit lunch
  • Pasta salad with rucola, yoghurt and vegetables
Seasonal menu
  • Roasted corn chicken on sagebrush with zucchini risotto
  • Soup of daily offer, you can substitute chicken soup with noodles


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